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Height: 5'6"   |   Eye Color: Green   |   Hair Color: Red

Camila is Cuban-American actress born in Costa Rica.​  In High School, she studied at the Academy of Arts and Minds where she discovered her passion for acting. Right after graduating she had the chance to work in many projects with Arca Images where she met the notorious pulitzer price writer and director Nilo Cruz. Kamila has worked with him in plays like “Bathing in Moonlight” and  “Beauty of the Father” where she made her Spanish Debut.


For her hard work and dedication to her craft she was awarded with a full scholarship to study at the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts where she gained her skills in film and television acting.  


Off Broadway

Savannah Bay                   |   Young Woman       |   Miami-Dade County  |   Nilo Cruz

Bathing In Moonlight       |   Trini                       |   McCarter                   |   Nilo Cruz

Beauty of The Father        |   Marina                   |   Miami-Dade County  |   Nilo Cruz

The Seductive Countess   |   Countess                |   Miami-Dade County  |   Larry Villanueva

Trojan Woman                  |   Andromeda             |   Miami-Dade County  |   Larry Villanueva

The Canterburu Tales       |   Wife of Bath            |   Miami-Dade County  |   Larry Villanueva 

Salome                             |   Salome                    |   Miami-Dade County  |   Larry Villanueva 


Milkshake                           |   Principal                  |   Miami Art Institute Students Film


Premios Juventud+Sourpatch Kids   |   Univincion   |   2019  

 Training & Workshops 

Acting/Stanislavsky   |   Larry Villanueva [5yrs]   

Voice   |   Eileen Connolly, Jeremy Sortore [1yr]

Meisner   |   Steven Perlmutter [2yr]

Camera Acting | Rawleigh Moreland [2yrs]

Suzuki | Daniel Cohen [1yr]

View Points  | Sara Buffamanti [1yr]

 Special Skills 

Languages | Spanish(Fluent), Turkish(conversant)

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